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Top 5 Underrated Remixes of Famous Pop Songs

Remix of PoP Songs

You know that feeling when your favorite celebrity finally releases that song which you then just can’t stop raving about, there’s another one even better than that. That feeling is when you find the perfect remix which suddenly makes the song sound interesting and edgy, that element which was not present when it was following a hit pop formula. Whether it’s Ariana Grande’s 7 rings or Billie Eilish Lovely, we all have heard these songs so much that it feels almost impossible to get it out of our heads. But instead of wishing to hear it for the first time ever let’s hear some amazing remixes which made our jams even more awesome.

5) Lose You to Love Me

This one will hit all the right notes!


4) We Found Love

Let's listen to some revamped old gems 

3) Bad Idea

Well remixing it definitely wasn't one!

2) Shameless

Now that's a remix done right 

1) In my head

As if this song was already not perfect.
Top 5 Underrated Remixes of Famous Pop Songs Top 5 Underrated Remixes of Famous Pop Songs Reviewed by Unknown on November 11, 2019 Rating: 5

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